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What do all the Titles and Abbreviations Mean?
The abbreviations in front of and after the dog's registered name indicate the
titles and awards that the dog has earned in some venue. These are either
A.K.C (American Kennel Club) events, titles, and awards or they are
P.W.D.C.A. (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America) events, titles, and
awards. These indicate the dedication and committment of the owner to
preserving the true nature of the PWD breed as well as the talent of the dog.
Some of the more common abbreviations you may see on this website are
(click on blue links for more information):

Conformation: AKC Prefix Titles
GCH = American Kennel Club Conformation Grand Champion
CH = American Kennel Club Conformation Champion
CAN CH = Canadian Kennel Club Conformation Champion

PWDCA Water Work:  PWDCA Water Work
JWD = PWDCA Junior Water Dog
AWD = PWDCA Apprentice Water Dog
WWD = PWDCA Working Water Dog
CWD = PWDCA Working Water Dog
CWDX = PWDCA Courier Water Dog Excellent

PWDCA Awards:PWDCA Register of Merit Awards
BROM = Bronze Register of Merit
SROM = Silver Register of Merit
GROM = Gold Register of Merit
PROM = Platinum Register of Merit

Obedience: AKC Suffix Titles
CD = American Kennel Club Companion Dog
CDX = American Kennel Club Companion Dog Excellent
UD = American Kennel Club Utility Dog
UDX = American Kennel Club Utility Dog Excellent
Also see above AKC prefix link for obedience trial champions, etc.

Agility: AKC Suffix Titles
NA = AKC Novice Agility
NAJ = AKC Novice Agility Jumper
NAP = AKC Novice Agility Preferred
OA = AKC Open Agility
OAJ = AKC Open Agility Jumper
      etc......(see link)
Other Titles:
Canine Good Citizen = CGC
Therapy Dog = TD
See AKC Suffix Titles for more
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