Querida Portuguese Water Dogs
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Querida Portuguese Water Dogs
Cynthia O'Connor, DVM, DACT
Margaret O’Connor, MMHC, RN, COHN, HRM
located in Massachusetts
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Querida Portuguese Water Dogs
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Welcome to Querida Portuguese Water Dogs
Producer of Top Quality PWDS!
This site includes information for people interested in learning more about this wonderful
breed, the dogs at Querida, and Portuguese water dog puppies. The Portuguese water dog
is not the breed for everyone, so please get as much information as possible about the
temperament, health, and the care required in order to decide if a Portuguese water dog is
right for you. The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America is a great resource for
information. At Querida, we have about one litter per year, but we are always happy to
answer questions and place you on our waiting list or refer you to a reputable       
Portuguese water dog breeder with available puppies.
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