Looking for a PWD puppy?

Thank you for your interest in Querida Portuguese Water Dogs.
Currently at Querida, have a beautiful litter born 3/19/21.
If you are interested in a puppy, please submit a completed  puppy questionnaire. We are currently
contacting prospective new owners; however with continued COVID-19 concerns, we will have limited
in-person visitations with this litter.

Here at Querida, we are dedicated PWD enthusiasts. We are not a commercial breeding kennel, but instead
a dedicated family who works hard to preserve the health and wellbeing of our beloved breed. Our dogs
sleep in our bed and are valued members of our household.

At Querida, our breeding dogs are extensively health tested in order to prevent genetic diseases in their
offspring. This includes but is not limited to gangliosidosis (GM-1 storage disease) gene testing, progressive
retinal atrophy gene testing, juvenile dilated cardiomyopathy gene testing, OFA eye exams by board certified
veterinary ophthamologists, and OFA hip evaluations by board certified radiologists. We also utilize other
testing that is not required by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America as the more information we obtain
in regards to the health of the next generation, the better.

Our breeding dogs must also be structurally correct for the jobs they were originally bred to perform which is
why we extensively evaluate this aspect and exhibit our dogs in conformation, obedience, water, and agility.
Those hard earned titles show that they can accomplish the original purpose of the breed.

We have a litter occasionally with the expectation of keeping a puppy to enhance our breeding program. We
don’t breed just to have puppies to sell.

We require an in-person meeting with our prospective new families prior to making any commitment to
placing a puppy with them. Our policies for placing puppies are outlined in our questionnaire. We are alway
happy to answer any questions about the breed and our dogs.
We look forward to talking with you!
Querida Portuguese Water Dogs, LLC
Querida Portuguese Water Dogs
Cynthia O'Connor, DVM, DACT
Margaret O’Connor, MMHC, RN, COHN, HRM
located in MA
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Querida Portuguese Water Dogs
Additional resources for finding a Portuguese Water Dog puppy are listed below. Buyer
educated consumer. Finally, NEVER by a puppy sight unseen!
Would you purchase a car sight unseen over the Internet with no research into any potential problems
in the car's history? Then why not put the same, if not more effort, into the newest addition to your
family that you will trust with your child?
At Querida, we require a personal meeting to be considered for a puppy and to discuss the importance
of health testing with all new puppy buyers. Below are some valuable links for potential new owners to
learn more about PWDs, potential health concerns, recommended health testing, and available
databases to review health testing results.
Querida Portuguese Water Dogs