Querida's Rise of The Phoenix

                                            +-- ICE DO CONDINHO
                             +-- Kwik do Condinho
                                           +-- Nandita do Condinho
              +-- Champion DownEast Kwik Hide Your Heart
                                           +-- Cartmel Sea Comet
                             +-- CH DownEast Just for the Halibut
                                           +-- CH DownEast Claudia Shipper
+-- Champion Querida's Liquor is Kwiker
                                            +-- BIS CH POUCH COVE'S MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO
                              +-- CH Sun Joy's Out of No Where
                                            +-- SUN JOY'S SEREIA YANNI O' MAR
            +-- Querida's Playing The Game WWD
                                            +-- CH DownEast Twicknham Firstmate
                              +-- Querida's Breaking All The Rules CWD
                                            +-- CH Querida's Razzmatazz JWD CGC

                                            +-- Int AKC FCM NHSB UCHL CH Deewal Intrepid
                              +-- AM/CAN CH Moussallion Chuck The Survivor
                                            +-- CAN CH Seavenbeauty Whoopi Moussallion
            +-- BVISS Grand Champion Querida's The Green Monster WWD CGC
                                             +-- CH Yelsek Sea Shanty
                              +-- CH Akire By the Bay at Querida
                                              +-- CH Sun Joy Akire Supa Dupa
+-- Champion Querida The Big Bang Theory by Cosmic
                                               +-- MBISS AKC CPC CH Pinehaven on the Town
                              +-- MBIS MBISS BVISS MHIT GCH (AKC) CH (CKC) DownEast Elf About Town
                                    CWDX, Can TD, RA, NA, NAJ, CDX, Can CD, CGN (PWDCA SuperDog
                                    Award), AOM's, Platninum ROM
                                               +-- CH DownEast Claudia Shipper
      +-- Cosmic Water Lily
                                                +-- CH Watermark Time Will Tell
                              +-- Cosmic Time Told RN WWD CGC
                                                 +-- Watermark Sea Minnow